Saturday, 1 May 2010

Revisit a past F/O

Firstly I must apologise because I do not have a photograph of the sweater that I am going to talk about.

When I was in the knitting wilderness I toyed with the idea of starting to knit again. I didn't know whether I would enjoy it or whether it would turn out very well. I went to my LYS and bought a pattern for a man's sweater and some cheap yarn. I thought that I would knit something for hubby so that he would be impressed and also so that it would be useful in our freezing house.

My husband was so excited about it that he put in an order for something just a couple of inches longer so that he was completely covered. Buoyed by his enthusiasm, I set to with the knitting. Making a lovely blue sweater. I followed the pattern to the letter except for the length which I changed to be longer. I was so pleased with the finished result, although it did look a trifle large. (I didn't bother with the tension square). When my hubby put it on, it was massive but manageably so, until he wore it again. And again. After about five times of wearing it it grew longer and longer. Eventually it was unwearable. It looked like a knitted dress and the neck came down to the waist. It was a complete disaster. I think it was a combination of cheap wool, no tension square and unskilled labour!

This sweater was dragged out at every opportunity by my husband and children. When we had friends over, out would come the sweater. If we had a barbecue I would dread the words "It's getting a bit chilly" because out would come the sweater. Eventually it grew so big that we could fit all four children in it.

I made it worse by knitting one of the children a scarf which I must have done in cotton. Big mistake. If someone accidentally got hit by it when you were putting it on it nearly knocked them out. I am sure I must have a photo somewhere of him modeling the two but I cannot find it at the moment. (If I find it I will post it).

We still have both of these things hidden in the loft somewhere. I wanted to get rid of them but everyone thought they were worth keeping for their comedy value. I daren't ask about them because it will remind everyone that they are there and prompt them to go and find the offending articles.

I didn't knit again for a few years. I completely lost the urge to knit and the confidence. But I am back on the horse now and enjoying every minute. Hopefully my skills have improved and I try to buy better yarn now.

My brother had seen the sweater and, when I offered to knit his stepdaughter something for her baby, was horrified. I am proud to say that when they received it they were really pleased and impressed. It is best to end on a more positive note.


  1. Have just done my first bit of knitting for years, for my first grandchild, and although I enjoyed it, I think it will fit him when he starts school!!

  2. Bahaha that's a great story! I'm glad you recovered from the experience to knit another day :)

  3. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I love your husband sweater story and still laughing. One of the first things I knit was also a sweater (Mary Maxim design) with an elk on the back. My husband is of average build, but the sweater would have fit a 300 lb. guy!!! This also put me off knitting for some time, and a friend took the sweater off my hands, unraveled it all, and re-knit something else. I mostly knit small things also - hats, scarves, dishcloths, and am ready to start on socks!

  4. Thanks for your tip about the cherries, I will definately try that next time!
    What a funny story, I'm so glad it ends with you trying knitting again, and a successful baby item to boot!

  5. I think you're very brave to own up to this story! ;)
    I have a similar story, but it's a sweater I knit for myself thinking, I suppose, that I am 6 ft. tall and not just over 5 ft. :o

  6. Thanks for coming over to stitchingandknitting. Loved your sweater story - it sounds familiar. My mother-in-law made my son a beautiful jumper when he was about 18 months and somehow he was still wearing it when he went to school. No bad thing!

  7. Don't feel bad about the growing sweater. I had that same thing to happen to me. I knit a sleevless shell for a friend and I think the yarn was mostly silk and when she wore it, it grew longer as the day went on and understandably so, she determined it wasn't wearable anymore. It may not have been your skill, or lack of, but rather the fiber content. Some do stretch with know what they say about gravity!