Thursday, 3 February 2011

More help

I frogged my Evie. A brief pause while we get over the trauma of that..........

But I started it again on the right size needles.

I accomplished this much knitting last night while watching Midsomer Murders, using the frogged wool. Here it is, looking extremely tatty.

My help needed today is - Will this block out and look gorgeous, will it block out at all or will it look like a piece of scrag end forever?

My OH tells me it will block out but he knows as much about knitting as, well, me. I thought would ask people who know.

I don't think I will do anymore until I have some idea.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I have decided that I must finish my Wip's before I start anymore new knits. This may change because I have fallen at the first hurdle.

I started an Evie cardigan by Kim Hargreaves many months ago but got distracted by shiny things. This has been first on my list of things to finish. I have had a stinking cold this week so it has been perfect for knitting because it is mainly stocking stitch with very little thought. Easy you may think. Nothing can go wrong there. Except that I used the wrong size needles. How did that happen. I finished the back and started on the pocket linings. I couldn't understand why they seemed to be knitted in a 3mm when I had knitted the back in 2.75mm. Everything is meant to be knitted in 3mm.

I don't know what to do now. Should I frog it and start again or should I knit the whole thing on smaller needles? Any suggestions would be welcome.