Thursday, 3 February 2011

More help

I frogged my Evie. A brief pause while we get over the trauma of that..........

But I started it again on the right size needles.

I accomplished this much knitting last night while watching Midsomer Murders, using the frogged wool. Here it is, looking extremely tatty.

My help needed today is - Will this block out and look gorgeous, will it block out at all or will it look like a piece of scrag end forever?

My OH tells me it will block out but he knows as much about knitting as, well, me. I thought would ask people who know.

I don't think I will do anymore until I have some idea.


  1. Hello! These are my thoughts, for what they're worth. I think that once it's well blocked it will look fine. But from my past experience, the very best thing to do - if you can bear it - is to mist the frogged wool to get all the kinks out before you knit it again. This would involve undoing the balls you've so carefully made, I know! I make skeins (with my husband's help - he doesn't mind sitting with his two arms straight out for long periods of time); then I hang them looped over a coat hanger, or a drying rack, spray them with water and pat each skein so that the wool is moistened through; then leave to dry. If the wool is quite wet, and the wool isn't dry after say an overnight, I spread it out a bit over not-too-hot radiators (to avoid it getting musty). Then rewind into balls.
    You'd be amazed what an improvement this will make: your wool really will be as new. I would also recommend, to save future frustrations, making another swatch with the newly-unkinked wool, just to check. If I had some of the wool in its original state, and some that had been frogged and then un-kinked, I would particularly do this, to make sure it was all more or less the same gauge.
    But as I say, I imagine that if you just keep going as you are, it'll turn out fine after a good blocking too.
    Good luck!

  2. My mother used to wrap the yarn round a hot water bottle and leave it until cool, a ball at a time.

  3. Thank you christinelaennac and roobeedoo. I will frog again and skein the yarn. I thought I was probably pushing it a bit trying to knit it straight away. I think I might try something else now and pick this up a bit later. Thanks for your advice.

  4. I just frogged a sock, so this is a timely discussion for me too!

    Someone once told me, "Blocking covers up a LOT of sins." I try to cling to that hope when stuff looks funky.

  5. What does "tatty" and "scragged" mean? :) Different terms used for (I am guessing)the fact it isn't laying smoothly for you? I bet the blocking will work fine! But if you must frog, so sorry....

  6. Just discovered your blog, do you mind if I bookmark you and visit regularly. Have also just started knitting again after a long while - hoping to produce something beautiful, but it may take a while, I am a little rusty. Evie looks fantastic - really looking forward to seeing the FO.

  7. I've used frogged yarn many times, and it always turns out OK. But I don't block, but steam the knitted piece with an iron and a wet kitchen towel (the brutal Norwegian way of doing it ;-)