Sunday, 2 May 2010

What a Yarn

I haven't done lots of knitting so I don't have loads of experience of different types of yarn. Just loads of lists of ones I'd like to try. I would love to try something in kidsilk haze and in any sort of Rowan cotton.

I have made lots of socks recently, mostly plain ones and have been really lucky to find a lady who sells lovely sock yarn that she dyes herself. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the finished projects as I have passed them on as presents. She lives on the Isle of Harris and has some lovely yarn. I have taken a photo here but it doesn't really do the yarn justice.

It is excellent to knit with and the colours are really vibrant. Her website photos are much better than mine so please check it out if you have a spare minute and see what the colours are really like.

Her company is Calana Crafts and she is here. I have used her seascape range of sock yarns.


  1. I noticed you were a follower and I replied in kind. I absolutely love the top skein of yarn!!! I'm a little behind in my reading, but will catch up this week...

  2. Hi Janine - Love the colour of the second picture. I'll send you photo of the socks you knitted for me and perhaps you can post it to your blog. They wash up so well and are so lovely to wear. Better than those mass produced cheapy nylon socks with pigs,cows and pints of beer one!!