Sunday, 16 May 2010

A timely purchase

On my day out to Wells last week I popped into a local yarn store. My son was with me and he was happy to come into the shop because he wants me to knit him a sweater. His taste in yarn leaves something to be desired, not because of the quality but because of the colours he chooses. The last sweater I made him was so bright it was really unpleasant to work with but he absolutely loved it. When we went in he made straight for the really vile multi coloured yarns. The shopkeeper could not believe her luck and got really excited about palming us off with the 'left on the shelf' yarns. Before I could blink, he had armfuls of the stuff. I quickly got out my phone and googled Mick Aston from Time Team. As you will probably know, he is famous for wearing stripey jumpers. I showed my son a photo of these sweaters and he fell in love. He then picked out some yarn for himself. Phew. Another knitting crisis averted.

the original stripey jumper yarn

Two days later I drove to Taunton with my other son and we stopped at a craft section in a garden centre. Big mistake. I saw some Bergere de France Barisienne yarn and it was stunning. I really fell in love with the colours and I knew my son would too. The salesperson kept saying that it was only acrylic. I must be honest, I wasn't keen on the fact that she kept pointing that out. Acrylic was exactly what I wanted. It has to be robust, it is for my son! Anyway I came away with an armful and am trying to work out how to lay it out for the best stripes. I hope there is not too much pink, it should be ok if I spread it about. What do you think? I have decided that I can make my husband a Mick Aston sweater with the first lot (whether he wants one or not).

the beautiful Bergere de France Barisienne

Before I can start on the Mick Aston sweater I must finish the project I am currently working on. It is from the Debbie Bliss Amalfi book and is called the 'A Line Cardigan'. I am sorry I cannot find a link to it. It is quite a plain, short sleeved cardigan for my daughter to wear if we have a good summer. Fingers crossed. This is the project so far.

the back of the cardigan

I have not used the Amalfi yarn but I have used Stylecraft Sirocco DK which is a combination of cotton and linen. It is also a textured yarn which I am not sure about but I will persist. I got the yarn from the brilliant Kemps. I bought it in Pineapple but there are so many excellent colours.

the Pineapple yarn

I think this colour is a little muted. I had expected it to be a bit brighter although I am pleased with it anyway. I think it will go with more outfits.


  1. Those are great colors for a stripey sweater!

  2. When I saw those colours, I thought you were going to knit this: You can check the colour variation on that one - I quite like irregular stripes.

  3. I love the wool! Such funky colours! I am so excited about the cardigan! Should be really nice-look at you whizzing away knitting really fast!

  4. Also I know this has nothing to do with the wool, but I have another interesting piano piece for you to listen to Mum. It's really beautiful

  5. Stripey sweaters are great - can't wait to see once you start!

  6. Sometimes a sturdy acrylic is just what you need! I love the bright colours. And the texture in your cardigan looks really lovely, I think.

  7. Hi Janine
    Thanks for your comment today. What do you mean it does look like you!! I got so excited thinking 4 people had left me a comment and that I was catching up with you but alas it was that silly crazy Wessex woman with an excitable index finger!!! LOL :D