Friday, 30 April 2010

Location, Location, Location

The place I like to knit is in the lounge. We have a two seater sofa across the corner of the room with a small table with a light on. It is sometimes darkish in the room because it is an old farmhouse so I often have to move around to different seats to get the best light. I like to have the two spaces because it means that I can spread myself out with my patterns and scissors etc. I also have a small table in front so that I can put stuff on there too. I am completely disorganised with patterns and needles. My stash is behind the sofa still in the bags I bought it in. I do like the feeling of sitting with the stash around me. (How sad is that!) I really must invest in some baskets or boxes. I have the overspill hidden in the bottom of a wardrobe in the bedroom. We also have a woodburner so it is lovely in the winter to knit by the fire. It is lovely and warm and toasty.

I don't knit in the garden because I always feel as if I should be gardening if I am out there. Although I don't feel as if I should be doing housework when I knit indoors. Strange... Maybe that is a new frontier to conquer.

When we went to the beach as a family I took along some socks to knit. I really enjoyed doing this and it made sitting on the beach a real pleasure. I only take small knitting when I am out and about. It is always something like socks because I find that much easier.

I also go to a knitting group once a week which is great fun.

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