Wednesday, 28 April 2010

How I learnt to knit

Like many people, my mum taught me to knit. I cannot remember either of my grandmothers knitting. My mum was a good knitter although she did it out of necessity rather than enjoyment. I can remember being desperate to learn because I wanted to make something. I was not a quick learner and had to make endless scarves because they had wavy edges and holes. By the time I was in my mid to late teens I was getting the hang of it but I mainly knitted baby cardigans and matinee jackets. My really big project was a basket weave cardigan with cable ribbing. It was knitted in two colours. I'm sorry I don't have any photos. It sounds revolting but it was in the eighties and trendy. I did one in red and black. I was so pleased with it that I did one in green and black too. They say too much of a good thing.

I didn't knit then for a long while (about fifteen years). The odd small project now and again but nothing major. I think life stuff just caught up. I began to miss knitting. I started knitting some socks for my sons and really enjoyed it. I am trying to build up confidence again with smaller things. I am currently working on a short sleeved cardigan (Daisy, Kim Hargreaves). So far so good.

I have just remembered that when I was at secondary school it was considered really unfashionable to wear hand knitted stuff. Everyone would rather have shop bought cardigans. I can remember saying that I would rather die than wear a hand knitted sweater. How times change!

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