Monday, 7 June 2010

To and from

We made it to Manchester. We left fairly early in the morning so the traffic was quite light. Unfortunately, my daughter hadn't made it out of bed. When I had told her that we would be there by ten, she thought I was joking (although I did actually arrive at 9.30). When we left Somerset we had bright sunshine, but at Manchester it was pouring with rain. Just what we needed for loading the car! I was hoping to load the car and start on our way home but I had forgotten what it is like sociable. We had to stop and chat to loads of people, talk about what we were doing over the summer, say goodbye, promise to keep in touch, etc, etc.

Hall of Residence 1

Hall of Residence 2

Hall of Residence 3

As you can see, the Halls of Residence are quite nice. But the car is always a long way from the room.

Finally, we were on our way back home. There were heavy bursts of rain and the traffic stopped completely. Clearly, we are not used to rain in this country. The weather initially got worse around Worcester and Birmingham but then got a lot better just north of Bristol. It made the last part of the journey quite pleasant. There is nothing worse than being on the motorway in the driving rain.

The journey home

When we arrived home my husband had done a fantastic barbeque and the boys had helped cook and get the garden table ready for us to eat. It was great and such a lovely welcome home.

One of the first things I got my daughter to do was to try on the Daisy cardigan I had made for her. You may remember that my tension was wrong and it had ended up being two inches bigger than it should have been which was a shame. Although, she seems to quite like it. I may have to knit another one sometime that is actually the right size!

What a beautiful, if somewhat reluctant, model. So great for our family to be complete again, if only for the summer.

Lastly, I wanted to show you some flowers I bought the other day. Aren't they lovely. They are Sweet Williams and they were always my grandparents favourites. The photo was a spur of the moment thing (can you tell by the hand).

I hope your weekend was good too.


  1. Well glad you finally made it home - even with the weather...

  2. Lucky girl, I had to go to uni on a bycicle on my first day (in a different city) lol.
    beautiful cardigan and also beautiful flowers I can see why they liked them so much

  3. Oh, lovely sweater, lovely daughter!