Saturday, 12 June 2010

Sheepishly round

Here are some photos of a roundabout in Shepton Mallet not too far from where we live. It has some statues of about six or seven sheep on it and one black sheep slightly out of the main group. I drove around the roundabout to give my children a chance to take good photos and these two are definitely the best ones. I cannot really see the black sheep. Maybe it is behind a sign.

Someone always decorates them for different occasions during the year; witches hats for Halloween, Father Xmas hats at Christmas, Easter Bonnets. It is good fun to see what they have been dressed as.


  1. Too funny! We don't have many roundabouts here in Connecticut, also called rotaries. There are a few in some of the smaller towns, but that's about it. They confuse me!

  2. We have roundabouts everywhere here. In our local town they are normally decorated beautifully with flowers. Local companies sponsor floral displays on them. I know what you mean about them being confusing. When I went to Malta they operate a different system with their roundabouts and that was very confusing!

  3. Cute idea - dressing the sheep for holidays! We have some roundabouts here in western Washington state. There's one of them which I take off the wrong direction every time when I'm going to a bead shop! Slow learner here, I guess.