Friday, 4 June 2010

Goof lick

I know that this is a really odd title for a post. This morning it was my daughter's last exam before the summer break. I wanted to text her to let her know that I was thinking of her but couldn't find my glasses. As my phone has predictive text I pressed the buttons and hoped for the best. It was only later when I looked that I had written 'goof lick on your exams'. It made me laugh so much. Thank goodness I had put the space in the right place otherwise it would be 'goo flick'.

Here is another photo of the yarn from yesterday. I think the colours are more representative of the yarn.

I just thought I would add some photos of some plants in my garden that are looking particularly nice at the moment.

This is a honeysuckle that was already here when we bought the house. The farmer we bought from said that he had bought it from Woollies years ago. It has such a glorious scent.

I am surprised that these poppies made it. They are at the top of a dry stone wall that seems to house field mice (I think). Earlier in the year, I didn't think that the poppies would flower because everytime the leaves grew, the mice ate them. I suppose the mice now have lots more to eat.
Here are some irises. I am sorry, I don't know what type they are but I love the colour. You can see how dry the ground here is now. We seem to go from being completely waterlogged to have ground like cement.

And here is the pride of my garden at the moment, Papaver 'Patty's Plum'. This was given to me by Mrs Patricia Marrow at Kingsdon Nursery in Somerset. The original plant was found by Sandra and Nori Pope who ran Hadspen Garden. They found it on Mrs Marrow's compost heap. She tells me that she had spent ages trying to kill it with weedkiller because she really didn't like it. She always says that there were much nicer ones on her compost heap. The Popes' named the poppy after her. It is such a striking colour.


  1. Lots of pretties. The last one is gorgeous!

  2. That is so funny about your "goof lick" message! If you were here I'd tell you about me losing half of my reader glasses yesterday...I love poppies!

  3. Spandau Ballet wasn't as big here, but I really liked their "True" I think they only had a couple hits here. DD was much bigger! But it was called the second British Invasion! Nope, unfamiliar with power dressing - maybe we called it something different?

    Listening to True now!Now onto Human by Human League - LOVED this song!

  4. I love poppies too! Mine are only budding now, it'll probably take them a couple of weeks to start blooming.

    Goof lick.. teeheehee

  5. Snort. I'm sure she appreciated it :)

    I love poppies! And irises. We have some lovely ones here. No idea of the varieties, but we have purples and pinks and a striking burgundy with gold. The "Patty's Plum" is gorgeous!

    I am finally catching myself up with blogging...