Saturday, 12 June 2010

Groceries and Glastonbury

The other night I had to go grocery shopping. Nothing exciting in that I know. We live about ten miles away from a supermarket but it is a nice journey across lovely countryside which I sometimes forget to appreciate. I stopped to take some photos.

I also had some interested spectators.

The hill you can see is Glastonbury Tor. We live about eight miles away. I tried to get a good photo but it was only on my phone.

And it is quite difficult to photograph with an audience!!

It will be a busy time for us over the next few weeks because of the Glastonbury festival. What surprised me when we first moved here is that the festival is not actually in Glastonbury but in a village nearer to Shepton Mallet called Pilton. People in Pilton and the surrounding villages get free tickets to the festival but we are not near enough for that (boo hoo). Locals are allowed to buy Sunday tickets but I forgot to apply again this year. Doh. One year I will get my act together. Our local train station, which is normally very quiet, becomes a gathering place for people in wellies (young and old, but mainly young), taxi drivers, buses taking people to and from the festival site and police. When the festival is in full swing we can hear it in our garden, not very well, but we can. If we play it on the radio at the same time it is almost like we are there. I could go the whole hog and sleep in a tent but you have to draw the line somewhere and I think that would just be sad. (And I like sleeping in my own bed). I will post photos over the next few weeks if I see anything exciting.

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