Monday, 14 June 2010

Beautiful blog award

Being a very organised person I have just got round to catching up on some of the blogs that I follow. I have been nominated for a beautiful blogger award by Life and Yarn or Yarn and Life and Wool and Cotton. Thank you so much.

I now have to tell you ten little known, interesting facts about me and nominate ten other blogs for the beautiful blogger awards. So here goes:

1. When I was in junior school our rounders team won the Middlesex County Rounders Championship. It is the first and only time I have excelled in sport and have remained dormant ever since!

2. One of my favourite songs is Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton. I love the shreaky part and insist on shreaking along everytime I hear it.

3. I turned down tickets to go and see Live Aid at Wembley. I know.

4. I moved in with my husband after knowing him for only a week. We married six months later.

5. My favourite garden is Great Dixter in West Sussex. When Christopher Lloyd was still alive I encouraged my husband to take stalking photos of him on my behalf so that I could put him as a pin up in my shed.

6. One of my favourite quotes is from Pride and Prejudice where Lady Catherine de Burgh talks about playing the piano (I think) and says "I would have been proficient, had I ever learned". I quote this all of the time but have never read Pride and Prejudice or looked up the quote.

7. I cried so much in the opening chapters of Angela's Ashes that I couldn't read it anymore.

8. I had pre-eclampsia in my first pregnancy and my daughter was born six weeks early weighing 2lbs 9oz. (She is now at Manchester Uni and loving it. Here is her blog). I went on to have three strapping boys.

9. I would love the learn how to use my iphone properly. At the moment I use it for phone calls and emails but also as a vuvuzela whilst watching the football.

10. I don't know really what blocking is or how to do it. Can anyone help?

I am going to pass the award to ten people, some of whom must have had lots of nominations but I like their blogs. My nominations are:


  1. Oh how sweet of you! I was really enjoying reading your ten facts, and very surprised at the end!

    I thought your facts were:
    1. funny
    2. funny
    3. live aid! nooooooooooo!
    4. romantic - when you know, you know
    5. hilarious!
    6. fantastic, I've never read S&S or P&P beacuse I just don't like them, but I love northanger abbey and persuasion
    7. reassuring...I can't cope with tragic books either
    8. reassuring...beacuse I'm thinking of pregnancy and there are a lot of 'horror' stories out there
    9. i don't even know what a vuvuzela is?!
    10. blocking....ahhh, this means pinning your finished knitted piece (ie the shoulder of a sweater, before you've sewn it to anything else) to something to get the exact size and shape you want then spraying it with water, and letting it dry naturally. The fibres are then 'set' in that position, so when you sew it up and lauder it, they go back the way you want them to. Also improves the 'finish' of the knitted stitches, but once blocked, don't frog.

  2. Rounders??? Not known here in the US and you are very welcome. I enjoy your blog alot and I think your title is just beautiful!

  3. Thank you for the award! : )
    You should really give blocking a try, it made a huge difference in the appearance of my finished garments. The way I usually do it is to soak the knitted item in cold water for about 10 mins and then pin it out in the shape I want it, and leave it to dry like that. For squeezing the excess water out, rolling it into a towel before pinning it out works perfectly!
    Blocking also prevents your garment from stretching and getting all misshapen after wear. : )
    If you're blocking a hat that you want to make slouchy, you stretch it over a dinner plate. Works like a charm! : )