Monday, 2 August 2010

Of cabbages and kings

I will launch straight into my progress on my hat or the floppy beret to give it its proper title. Do you remember how I crowed about how it was a piece of cake after I had got past the initial casting on and pattern rows? Wrong.

I think it is probably a good thing to post the disasters as well as the successes so here goes. As you will remember, I struggled to cast on this hat and start the initial pattern. I did it a couple of times and got it wrong, so when a friend's mum offered to start it for me I jumped at the chance. She started it and I took over. It went really well until it came to the decreasing bit. Try as hard as I might I could not get the pattern and decreasing to work. When I counted the stitches I had fourteen extra. How does that work! The pattern had worked out ok up to this point. I ummed and ahhed and decided to do the decreasing in stocking stitch. I got it down to the amount of stitches it should have been then followed the pattern for the decreases. There. A tah-dah moment but no quite the one I would have hoped. Never mind. I put it on my daughters head and it was massive. If I had left a hole in the top, she could have worn it as a dress!

I put it in a 40 degree wash to shrink it just a little. Nothing happened. So I stuck it on 60 just for a short wash. So here you have it. A completely felted hat.
I could have done it all in stocking stitch and it would not have mattered. You cannot see any of the intricate lace pattern that was there. Promise. I suppose the lesson learned has to be to start my own work so that I know exactly what is going on and am more able to deal with any problems, should they arise (who am I kidding). My daughter said that she will wear it anyway (although there seems to be a reluctance on her part to try it on). I don't want a pity wear!
On a more positive note, here is my son in his stripey sweater. It was quite a hot day yesterday but he powered on through and put it on for his photos.
As you can see, it does fit. Just. I am not sure how long it will fit for.
Despite his posture he was actually quite happy for me to take photos of him. I might make him brush his hair next time but I didn't want to push my luck.
I have been jiggling the blog page about a bit so bear with me, it is definitely a work in progress.


  1. Enjoyed your post about the hat/beret. I guess the reason I mostly enjoyed it, was because I've been there - done that!!! It looks like such a beautiful yarn - too bad it didn't fit. I have trouble knitting hats also. But between my big head and my smaller granddaughters heads the hats will generally fit one of us!

  2. I love how pretty the pink yarn looks now it's felted. It's got a lovely halo. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Could it have been the pattern that was the problem?

  3. Aw, too bad the beret didn't fit. I think we've all been there - done that at some point. :) Me, I just finished my Feb Lady sweater, and it's about two sizes too big for me. I'm going to chuck it in the washer, and hope that the yarn does what it's supposed to do - shrink!

    Your boy has very pretty hair, I'm a bit jealous. :)

  4. I also love the pink felted hat. Just shame for all the lace work you've done with it...

  5. I agree with CraftyCripple and Siga - the felted hat is LOVELY, it looks so soft...