Saturday, 24 July 2010

Bag and bonnet

Here is a hat I am knitting for my daughter. It came as a kit from and Stitch and Craft Fair. I couldn't get to grips with the pattern at all and it ended up sitting in the bag for about a year. Finally, a friends mum started it for me and did the first pattern set. Since then it has been plain sailing, although the hat seems to be massive. It is called a floppy beret.
It is a beautiful yarn. It is called Silkwood Halo and is 70% angora and 30% wool. It is my first attempt with circular needles and it hasn't been too bad, now I have the hang of it.

You may have heard rumblings from Rowan International members about the free gift this year with the subscription. Normally it is a small project with some yarn. It is always quite exciting when it arrives because it gives you an opportunity to do project you might not normally choose and use a different yarn. This year they changed the free gift to a bag. A project bag. The sock is included for scale.
I think everyone was quite disappointed with the bag and made their feelings known on Ravelry on the Rowan group. I was a little disappointed but as I had not renewed until January this year, it was my second gift in a year, so it seemed churlish to complain. Anyway, Rowan have listened. Yesterday I had an email to say that they will be sending out an extra gift of a Winter Kids pattern book. Yay for Rowan.
I decided that I would take my bag out for an airing at the local knitting group. I went with my socks packed in it because a) it is impossible to knit anything intricate at knitting group as we all talk far too much and b) it is really a rather small bag. I also popped my phone and purse into the bag. On the way there I had to stop for petrol and had also been tasked with buying the milk and biscuits for the group. When I went in to pay it was easier to take the whole bag in rather than pfaffing around trying to find purse and phone. When I got to the counter I put my milk and biscuits on the counter and the assistant asked whether I would like my bag packed. Oh no, my Rowan chic had been reduced to supermarket shopper!


  1. Hi Janine - I love the hat - I want one in black please - letting you know early ready for my xmas pressie. I love the bag and I know somebody who will give it a home!!!

  2. Glad you got going on the hat, and loved your story about the grocery clerk wanting to "pack" your groceries in the bag!

  3. I received that e-mail as well but I got the free gift of yarn so not sure whether or not I will get that pattern book, it would be a lovely treat if I did.

    That beret is looking lovely, looking forward to seeing the finished object.

  4. Great job on the beret! And I like the cute little bag, actually! :)

  5. The hat is really sweet. I rather like the bag, though the pattern book sounds like good value!

  6. I like the stripey sweater! Will be checking back to see if we get a shot of him modeling it!