Saturday, 17 July 2010

Chunky cardigan

Here, at last, a finished object. It is a cardigan for my OH. As you can see it is dancing with happiness. Yay.
I hadn't realised that the yarn was so prominently striped. This is truly apparent by the way the stripes are not matched up at all at the front. I think it gives it that rustic informal look.
It is knitted using Sirdar Peru which I bought really cheaply from Kemps. I quite enjoyed knitting this and it grew really quickly. It took me ages to finish it off though because it has been so hot and it is such a big cardigan.
OH took the photos yesterday between the rain showers. Yes, he did lay it on the grass. He actually took loads of photos. It was like 'Chunky cardigan's tour of the garden' so I limited it to these ones. I think I shall have to practice my photography otherwise I am always going to end up with 'artistic' shots of finished objects.
On a different note altogether, we have areas of our house that definitely belong to my OH, the loft being one of them. He becomes decidedly twitchy if I go in the loft. He says it is because only half of it is floored and he is worried I might slip. Well, you've guessed it. Yesterday his foot came through the ceiling. Fortunately it wasn't in our bedroom which has recently been replastered but it was in the ensuite bathroom. I was actually quite pleased because it means that the bathroom moves up the list of rooms to be decorated and we hopefully won't have to put up with the avocado and rust medley much longer. Still, if it was that easy, I would have thrown myself through the ceiling years ago!


  1. I have gilet in that exact shade if Peru that I bought from Kemps! It's a lovely yarn isn't it? The Cardigan looks great, but you need to get confident with photography so you can take a shot of your other half in it.

  2. Wow, the cardi looks great!