Monday, 16 August 2010

NOT the Apple of My Eye

I've had a really grotty week, technology wise. I am a Mac owner. Loud and proud. I have always bought Macs because of their great machines and their outstanding customer service. I have been proved horribly wrong. I have had an iphone for the last eighteen months. I was encouraged to download the latest 4.0 software which was brilliant except that it made my phone go like a pig. It was so slow that I could have delivered an email myself before it did. When I contacted Apple about it they started by saying that they couldn't do anything about it but after a bit of whinging they helped me restore my phone which gave me its original speed. Thank goodness.

Two days later I woke up to find that there was not electricity supply to my Time Capsule (a backing up type Apple thing). I telephoned Apple again. They admitted that they did have problems with the Time Capsule and were replacing some within certain serial numbers but mine wasn't one of those so, well, tough. Apparently mine wasn't one of those that has an electricity supply problem, although clearly it does. I can have a paid repair, which is virtually as much as a new one or just suck it up. (It is all over the internet now that these things break after eighteen months, which is exactly the same age as mine and doesn't seem very good value for money. Unfortunately I bought mine before people started taking them back.)

Now my eighteen month old macbook is getting strangely hot. It then makes load fan noises until I turn it off for it to cool down. Because I didn't buy the extra applecare at a further 25% of the cost price for another two years, it is out of warranty. I must now drive nearly fifty miles to the nearest Apple store to get them to look at it and have a paid repair. I cannot believe that it is going wrong after eighteen months. I object to taking out an extra warranty when I am paying so much for the original product.

BOO HISS APPLE . POOR SHOW. Buck your ideas up and stand by your products.

Also I missed the deadline to take part in The Blog Hub's swap on Ravelry. Doh.

Now I have stopped whinging I will post about knitting. I have lots of wips at the moment. The latest is Evie by Kim Hargreaves. This is going to be a long project because it is 4ply. I got a lovely colour which is a type of warm, bluey grey. I love the colour. It is in Thrown Together.

It is a 1920s/1930s type pattern and looks absolutely lovely.

As you can see, the photo was taken in the evening so I have quite a shadow but the colour of the yarn is fairly accurate.
Here is the pattern up close. I am really pleased with it so far.
I thought it would be a good project to take to knitting club because it is just knit and purl but I was wrong. We all talk far too much to concentrate at all. Next week I will have to take some finger knitting!


  1. Meh re: Apple Stuff :( I remember ages and ages ago when i got an ipod, it just started to fail just after the warranty ran out. Silly. Evie looks good :) checked it out on Ravelry :D

  2. I'm a PC. BF's an engineer, so no Macs are welcome at home. And he can fix it. Sweet!
    I have a friend, she's a graphic designer, so she's all about Macs. I'll ask her if she has the same problems as you...
    And your yarn is gorgeous! It's like a rainy day sky, but you know the sun is beneath... lovely!

  3. stephcuddles: It is so disappointing isn't it, when stuff goes wrong. Glad you like the Evie but I think it will be there for the long haul. :D

    Ariane: It seems like a wise choice to be a PC. Your description of the yarn is absolutely perfect. That is just what it is like!

  4. That's so disappointing to hear about a mac, I'm a PC myself but have been pondering lately if a switch to a mac might be wise...

    On the other hand, your Evie is looking awesome, great colour! And I love the hat that the model is wearing in the photo... Sigh.

  5. Oh I love the Evie! Will look forward to your progress. Your yarn color is very pretty and the pattern design looks great. I know what you mean about having a problem concentrating at knitting meet-up. I have to take something really simple (too much talking)!!
    I'm a PC also, and have just finished getting my computer cleaned of a virus. Also, it's making a noise I thought was the fan, but shop repair guy said it was the video card, which cost around $90, so I said forget it - I'll just listen to the noise. PC is getting old,(3 yrs) so will get a new one maybe later this year or early next year.

  6. fridica: I know what you mean, the hat is awesome isn't it. The problem is that my head is so huge that all hats look like 'a pimple on a walnut' on me.

    knitterbeader: It is so frustrating when technology goes wrong isn't it. I think I am just humpy because it is going to cost me and I could be without it for a week. I will find out how much it is going to cost me today (apart from time and petrol grumble grumble). Must stop moaning.
    Knitting groups are good fun aren't they. We have tea and homemade cake too!

  7. It must be the week of the "computer failure" or something. My daughter's laptop went nuts and we had to wipe it out and rebuild it. Love the new pattern book. I am ready to do one of Kim Hargreave's old patterns soon.

  8. I'm a mac person too. Unfortunately my 16 month old laptop has a crack at the place where your wrist rests. There are so many cracks like mine that there is a whole Flickr group devoted to it! :( On a happier note... your knitting looks lovely. I missed out on the swap on the blog hub too. If you ever want to do a mini swap with me in the States, let me know!

  9. I love Kim Hargreaves' patterns, Rowan hasn't been the same since she left. I can't wait to see how 'Evie' turns out.

  10. i'm also a mac and sending you lots of good vibes with your computer issues. nothing is more frustrating, i know!

    but your knitting looks lovely, and now i'm really wanting to get my hands on a copy of Thrown Together. can't wait to see the progress!