Monday, 30 April 2012

Wonderwool 2012

Yes, I attended Wonderwool Wales 2012.  I have now thawed out enough to tell you about it.

I went last year for one day but decided to stay over with a friend and attend both days.  It has to be said that the weather was atrocious.  It was cold the first day and cold and wet the second.  It didn't, of course, stop me buying things!  The show was fantastic.  I love it here.  It is so friendly and, well, woolly.

Believe it or not, I didn't take any photos of the actual show.  My fingers were too numb.  I know that my friend took some so I will try to post those ones as soon as I have a copy.

I am able to share some photos of the things I spent my 'running away' money on!

I was so excited that The Wool Shed was there.  I have ordered from them before but it was so lovely to see them in person.  I had bought some Albayarn online so I knew how lovely it is and couldn't resist buying two more lots.  Here is the colour rose.  It is earmarked for a project from Susan Crawford's new book, A Stitch in Time vol 2.

I also bought another lot in the colourway Glade.

I also have a project in mind for this colour and couldn't wait to start swatching for it.  I bought the needles and started it in the hotel.  I am going to do a Kim Hargreaves pattern from her book, Touching Elegance.  The pattern is called Florence and described as a timeless cardigan with many buttons!

I also managed to get some Artesano 4 ply in baby blue colour.

I have no idea what I will make with this but I am sure it will be beautiful.  It is such a lovely colour and the yarn is soooo soft.

I also got a pattern and some yarn from the Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop.  I don't normally buy the exact amount of yarn for a pattern because I am a loose knitter and I worry that I won't have enough yarn for the project.  They only had the right amount so I took it.

It is a really nice green colour.  The photo does not really do the yarn justice.  The cardigan was knitted up on the stand and it looked lovely, although it looks nothing on the pattern.  I hope it turns out ok.

Lastly I bought some Eden Cottage Yarns.  I have wanted some for a long time and didn't see the stand until just before we were leaving on the second day.  It was fate, I had to have some!

The colours are beautiful.  I particularly like the gold coloured one.  It is not a colour I would normally go for but I am really taken with it.  It is called Harvest Gold and is a mixture of merino and silk.  It is lovely.

Well that is my yarn haul.  I will update tomorrow with the non-yarn things that I bought.  It's nice to be back.


  1. Look at the YARNZ!!!! Lovely, lovely yarns! I have to post my latest, for me it turned into a beautiful day...sorry your weather was nasty.

  2. It was really cold but really worth it. The things we do for yarn!!

  3. Gorgeous yarn! I'm really pleased that you're blogging again :-)

    1. I could have bought so much more!! Thank you :0)

  4. Ooh, I've knitted a couple of things in Eden Cottage yarn, it's really gorgeous. Hope you enjoy knitting with it!

    1. I haven't used it before but am really looking forward to knitting with it. They are such good colours.

  5. Great to see a post from you! I'm glad you braved the cold and enjoyed Wonderwool. I'd love to see photos of the actual event, if you have the chance. Do you know what, I am about to start a "Bettie's Pullover" in Albayarn, I think the green I have chosen is the very same "Glade" (no ball bands on mine for some reason). I look forward to see all that will be spilling from your needles with this treasure trove of wool.

  6. How exciting! A new follower! Thank you. I can see you are a knitter - I don't knit very much but when I do I always enjoy it. I shall 'pop' over to you for help when I can't understand my knitting pattern!
    And a cow in your garden! That beats the sheep! Quite a bit larger too. I'm not quite sure how I would have handled that one!

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