Friday, 22 April 2011


 A couple of weeks ago I went to Wonderwool in Wales.  It was at the Royal Showground at Builth Wells.

I went with a friend and we had a great day out.  The photos are not very good I'm afraid.  I may have got a bit over-excited at all of the goodies.

I bought quite a bit of yarn.

I also added to my button stash.

There was lots of fibre.

But a limited amount of money!

We went on the Sunday and it wasn't very busy.  Lovely for us.  There was space to walk around and look at everything.  Twice.  The journey from Somerset wasn't too bad.  It was about a five hour round trip.  Fortunately we managed to talk all the way there and all the way back which definitely helped.


  1. Oooh what a lot of yarn! Looks like you had a great time! :D

  2. Lovely! I love going to Fiber festivals/markets...I'm lucky in that where I live, there are many within an hour or two...

  3. Go on then - show us the goodies! ;)

  4. OOoh lovely, can't wait to see what you bought!

  5. Oh it looks like a lot of fun! I'll be interested to see what you came home with and what you do with it. By the way, I did make the Lace Scroll Scarf - it stayed with my sister in Oregon, who liked it.

  6. Understandable you weren't focused on the pictures what with all the yarn around...

  7. Reminds me of Knit Nation! Is that shop with lots of big buttons Toft Alpaca? I bought two balls from them at Knit Nation and have yet to use them...

  8. I would have been way too distracted by all of the amazing yarnyness to take any photographs.

    So. Much. Pretty.