Thursday, 31 March 2011

Where are they now? - Knitcroblo week - Day Four

Whatever happened to your ............? I must be honest, I struggled a little with this one. Firstly, I haven't finished that many projects and secondly, I am not sure that any of them are that old. Then I remembered the first pair of socks I knitted. It was probably a eighteen months, maybe two years ago that I made these.

I decided to start to make socks because two of my sons have larger than average feet. One is a size 13 and one is a size 17. I was tired of trying to find socks to fit and then having to pay a fortune for ones that didn't.

The yarn I bought was some Regia 6 ply. I had some 3mm dpns and away I went. I did the whole of the cuff but somehow it didn't look quite right. After talking to a friend's mum who is an avid sock knitter, I found that you don't actually knit them inside out. I know! How on earth did I manage that?

At this point most people would have given up. Which is exactly what I did! Well for the evening anyway. Then I started again.

Needless to say, after much moaning and gnashing of teeth, I ended up with a completed pair. I even managed to turn the heel properly.

As you can see, these socks have been loved and well worn.

They have been through forests.

And climbed mountains.

Battled strong winds.

And high water!

But they are tired now and their life is unfortunately over.
I shall remember them as leading the sock way. Because of this pair, I always have some socks on my needles in this pattern. Not always 6 ply, mostly 4, but the basic pattern is the same. I have done it so many times now that I know it off by heart.

I cannot link back to a project page I'm afraid because these were knitted before I found ravelry.

I suppose I could always learn how to darn but I'm afraid the motivation completely escapes me.


  1. Love the story of the socks. I knitted the cuff of my first sock inside out as well.

  2. Socks about town! Love your photos.

    It seems that a lot of the KCBW posts today are on socks! Your perseverance with sock knitting was definitely worth it.

  3. This is a great post! I love how you share the sock's many adventures!

  4. Aw, I love seeing a well-worn knitted item! I find even the holes in your socks somehow endearing!

  5. Love the sock story! Crazy woman.

  6. I love this story and your pictures! :D

  7. My first knitted socks looked almost exactly the same! They are nearing the end of their lives.

  8. I did exactly the same thing- knitted my first socks entirely inside out. :D

  9. Hahaha the sock adventures really made me laugh!

  10. oh dear! these socks have lived a great life!

  11. How tall are your boys ?? I thought DH's feet were huge at a size 12 ! LOL and how long did it take you to knit a pair of socks that size ?