Friday, 25 March 2011

Scroll lace scarf 1 and 2

This is was first Ysolda pattern and I love it. I made it with Manos del Uruguay silk. I really enjoyed using this yarn.
I liked the pattern so much I made another.
These were both gifts for others and I felt a bit sad to see them go. These have been finished for a few weeks but it has taken me a while to blog about them. I have some other finished objects but I haven't blocked them yet. I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging again. Thanks for hanging around.


  1. Hiya -These are fantastic - such a lot of work - you clever thing. The pattern is wonderful. Glad to be the owner of the pink scarf and trust me I have worn it lots of times. Thanks again - and well done - F.A.B!

  2. Both beautiful shawls - the recipients are very lucky! Perhaps you should make one for yourself too?

  3. I'm about to cast on one of these, and I'm so glad to see how beautiful it may turn out to be! Yes, I think you should make one for yourself.

  4. Lovely. I can see why you made two.