Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Still here

I have been struggling with my photographs lately (and my blog posts). When I first started taking photos I just used to get the camera, point and shoot. When I started my blog I wanted the photos to look a bit better and decided to take the photos of my knitted items on a white background. This seemed to work, especially if the sun was shining. Since the weather has not been quite as bright, the photos have not been quite as good. With the sun, went my confidence. OH keeps giving me hints and tips on taking photos. Last night he gave me some more help and I was able to photograph the scarf that I had been finding particularly difficult (it moves about you know!).

I will make that one of my hopes this year - 'To improve my photography'. (notice the clever psychology of not calling it a resolution). I have a flickr account but have no idea how to use it. I know you have heard that sort of thing from me before. Hope number two - 'learn to use flickr'.

Anyway, here is the scarf. I made it with the use of notes and guidance from fridica. She had knitted a scarf for a male friend and had decided on a ribbed scarf pattern. It is quite difficult to find a nice scarf pattern for a man so I decided that I too, would knit that same pattern for my youngest son. I have three sons so am always looking for men's patterns either for scarves, jumpers and cardigans.

Here is fridica's blog post about her scarf. Thank you fridica. I will definitely use this pattern again.

My son's had to be a black colour for school but I quite liked this flecky one. It was in a big ball of 400 gms of Stylecraft Aran with Wool. He needed a hat as well. A friend of mine offered to knit him one. I wound off 100 gms for her and she got started on the hat and I did the scarf.

Two days later my friend arrived with not one, not two but three hats out of the yarn I had given her. I had only just cast on. She is a super quick knitter. I am a plodder. As you can see, the scarf got finished eventually and he was all wrapped up for winter.

This last photo of the scarf is of it running around trying not to be photographed.

Come back chuck, come back.


  1. Hello, nice to have you blogging again!

  2. Love the last photo! Well done on the scarf, it really does look good, despite it's reluctance to be photographed!

  3. I love the last photo too! So glad my notes helped! And I like the colour too, it reminds me of "snow" on TV after the program is finished (hm, not sure if it's called "snow" in English as well, I hope you get what I mean). :)

  4. Love the last photo! Great job on the scarf...

  5. It's not black, but it's a great man scarf anyway!

  6. Great to see you back! I admire anyone who can knit things that their children will actually wear. The scarf looks great.