Friday, 19 November 2010

Stonemason Socks

Here is the heel view of my Stonemason Socks by Ashley Knowlton. I did these as a test knit. I struggled a little at first because I have never attempted cabling on a sock before and found it quite difficult on DPNs. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and learned to cable without a needle. This made life a lot easier and I then really enjoyed the pattern.

This is the view from the top of the foot. The pattern is beautifully written (do you say that about a pattern) and easy to understand. I will definitely knit the other as soon as I have got my act together.
As you can tell from the photos, the stock has not been blocked yet. For those of you on Ravelry my project page is here.

I used Araucania Ranco Solid for the sock. It is a lovely light lavender colour which is not really showing up in the photos. I really liked knitting with this yarn although it did have a tendency to split when I was doing the cabling. I would definitely use it again.


  1. Lovely socks. Cabled socks hold the foot really snugly. I too recently discovered the joy of no needle cabling. It speeds things up no end. I've picked quite a few skeins of that yarn cheaply recently. It's great stuff and it's even better when you find it for a fiver!

  2. The cables look very good. I don't knit socks myself, but they would look good adapted for mitts I think.